Iowa House Approves Branstad Education Plan

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Iowa House pushed through Gov. Terry Branstad's education reform package on a party-line vote Wednesday, moving the debate over how teachers are recruited, paid, evaluated and promoted to the Iowa Senate.

The Republican-controlled House voted 52-44 on a $157 million plan that made several changes to the governor's original proposal.

Key changes included setting allowable growth at 2 percent and making the proposed teacher career ladders optional. Branstad's bill was silent on allowable growth and made career ladders mandatory.

"This morning, the Iowa House passed an education reform plan that will set us on a path to again have the nation's best schools," Branstad said in a statement sent by his office after Wednesday's vote. "This plan will give our teachers a new, 21st century system designed to reward their efforts and ensure great teaching in every classroom. Most importantly, this reform means our students will have the skills they need to compete with their peers across the globe."

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