Iowa Students Make Few Gains in Test Scores

Marion Herbert's picture
Thursday, November 3, 2011

Iowa students made little to no gains in reading and math on a national exam while their peers nationwide showed improvement, according to a report.

Iowa’s stagnating scores are spread out evenly among minority and white students, the national report shows.

Jason Glass, Iowa Department of Education director, used the results to renew his call for reform, and urged Iowans to follow through on wide-ranging education changes proposed by Gov. Terry Branstad in October.

“Iowa is just holding steady, and the rest of the country is accelerating. So, effectively we’re falling to the middle of the pack,” Glass said.

The state’s teacher union downplayed the results. Chris Bern, president of the Iowa State Education Association, said Iowa’s students have long scored better on the test than the national average. That remains remains true this year, though results show other states are quickly closing the gap.

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