iPads a Valuable Investment for School District

Lauren Williams's picture
Thursday, August 30, 2012

As students head back to school this year in the Watertown-Mayer district, they’ll be toting a new gadget with them on the first day of school — and every day after that.

As you’re probably already aware, the school district is launching its iPad initiative this year, called Toolbox 21, where each student is issued an Apple iPad. The school held training sessions last week for students and their parents to be issued a device and to learn the basics about the program.

I really haven’t heard much feedback in the community regarding the program, which I generally take as a good sign. The district is certainly excited about the program’s launch — as it should be — and I would expect most of the students, parents and teachers to be equally excited. But I also suspect there must be at least some skepticism in the community, especially from those who don’t have children in the district.

After all, the program certainly isn’t cheap. The initial 5-year lease will cost the district $1.28 million, or roughly $255,784 per year.

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