IPEVO releases interactive whiteboard extension wand

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System was introduced late last year by education tech company IPEVO as a way to inexpensively turn any surface in the classroom into an interactive whiteboard. Now, IPEVO has announced the accessory designed to work with IS-01: the Extension Wand. This aluminum wand fits onto the end of the IS-01's Interactive Pen to extend the pen's length from 7.9" (20cm) to 23.8" (60.5cm). The Extension Wand, along with the IS-01 itself, are both available from the IPEVO Online Store at http://www.ipevo.com.

The IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System uses a small Sensor Cam to read infrared signals coming from an Interactive Pen, which is held and operated by the instructor at the board. The Sensor Cam, when connected to a computer, then interprets these signals into cursor movements and mouse clicks. In this manner, most any flat surface in the classroom — such as an existing whiteboard, a projector screen, or even a blank wall — can be used like an interactive whiteboard to present teaching material from a wide variety of computer software applications.

The Extension Wand is a slender tube made from durable aluminum which connects to the end of the Interactive Pen, adding nearly 16 inches of length. The wand is connected and disconnected by a simple snap-on, snap-off action and without having to be screwed on. The Wand delivers benefits to both educators and students using the Interactive Pen. The extra length is useful for reaching all areas of larger and taller screen surfaces. Additionally, a longer Interactive Pen will allow the user to operate from the side of the screen rather than in front of it, so as to keep the view clear for both the audience and for the Sensor Cam, which requires a clear line of sight to accurately interpret signals from the Pen.

Of particular importance is the Extension Wand's utility for younger learners when the educator wishes to involve students at the whiteboard for interactive lessons. Shorter students can operate "adult-sized" boards without straining to reach. The Extension Wand also makes learning fun, acting as a "magic pen" which allows young children to write in the air by waving the wand and "magically" controlling what's on the screen. In this way, student engagement and focus increases with respect to teaching material and the day's lesson.

"The Extension Wand is a simple accessory, but its effect on interactive learning can be powerful," said Royce Hong, CEO and big head of design for IPEVO. "As educators have told us, younger learners love to be directly involved with the lesson, and the Extension Wand gives them the chance to do just that. By giving them a sort of 'magic wand,' young children can get in on the action and control what's on screen, increasing engagement, focus and ultimately retention of material."

The IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System, the Extension Wand for IS-01, as well as other accessories, are all available from the IPEVO Online Store at http://www.ipevo.com.


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