It's time to scrutinize Common Core standards through rigorous review process

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert has asked the attorney general to review the state’s involvement with Common Core education standards, saying he hopes to resolve contentions. This is a worthwhile effort, as is a new website the state has built to provide information and take comments.

The governor stressed that comments on this site should address specifics about Common Core and not merely express general feelings. That’s important, as this issue often becomes muddled with misinformation.

Common Core does deserve close scrutiny, however, and it deserves to be examined in light of specific goals that may exist on the state level. In the United States, education traditionally has been a matter for local control. And while it is important to note that Common Core was a creation of educators and governors nationwide, not of Washington or federal bureaucrats, that traditional local involvement is vital to the establishment of school standards.

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