Jasper County district files lawsuit concerning school construction

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Jasper County School Board Chairperson, Berty Riley says the Jasper County School District has initiated litigation concerning the design and construction of specific elements of the Ridgeland and Hardeeville school sites.

In her letter, Riley says several sinkholes have formed at both sites. She says after investigating the cause of the sinkholes, defects in the construction of the underground storm water system have been identified. These defects not only promote the formation of sinkholes at points above the underground drainage pipes, but also cause the storm water system to do a poor job of storm water drainage away from the buildings, paved areas, and fields.

The letter adds that in addition, both the Ridgeland and Hardeeville school sites have experienced water intrusion at windows and stairwells where sections of the school buildings connect. The District says the original contractors recently attempted repairs to the areas, but because these areas were designed and constructed with materials different from the precast concrete panel system used for most of the buildings, there exists an increased risk of additional maintenance and repair costs for the District.

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