Jerry Brown Cuts School Bus Funding: Bad for Education, Bad for the Environment

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Monday, December 19, 2011

If you live in California and your children ride a school bus, Governor Jerry Brown took away state funding for such transportation this week in his “trigger” budget cuts.  

As an educator, I recognize the particular challenge already facing financially strapped California schools to try and continue such services to children out of their general funds.  In particular, rural districts like mine are hit the hardest, as we have less students that must be transported farther than city children.

Just this week I wrote about how we could learn a lot from teenagers’ transportation habits to curb climate change.  One such practice is riding school buses, which are always packed. Sure school buses run on inefficient engines that average seven miles per gallon and emit toxic fumes that harm children’s brains, yet if students don’t attend school, schools are not funded.  School funding is based on average daily attendance (ADA), and absences do not count. Furthermore, after three unexcused absences, parents are turned into truancy boards and may have to attend legal hearings if more absences occur.  Transportation woes, such as a flat tire, are unexcused.  Even if a child is 30 minutes late to school, it is usually counted as an absence.  Without buses, working parents, poor parents, any parent may have trouble getting their children to school consistently, as well as picking them up. The school day does not exactly match the work day.

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