Jindal Says Education Reforms Can't Wait for Another Generation of Kids

Marion Herbert's picture
Friday, January 27, 2012

Education was the topic of discussion in northeast Louisiana as Governor Bobby Jindal and the state’s new Superintendent of Education John White visited the area.

Jindal spoke to the Monroe Chamber of Commerce about what he called a “critical time” in Louisiana’s history and the role his aggressive education reform package will play in the state’s continuing journey to improvement.

White joined Jindal at the Monroe Chamber of Commerce but spent most of his visit in area schools observing teachers and students.

Jindal’s multifaceted reform package, which he detailed to the chamber, includes putting a highly effective teacher in every classroom, giving parents and students an equal opportunity in education and giving school leaders the flexibility to spend their dollars on policies that improve student achievement.

Jindal says reforming the state’s educational system requires a bold approach, not a gradual “chipping away” at the things that are not working.

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