Judge Rejects Halting Transfer of Students from Kansas City Public Schools

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Six suburban school districts were disappointed by a Jackson County judge’s decision Friday against temporarily halting the transfer of students from the unaccredited Kansas City Public Schools to outlying districts.

Suburban superintendents expect “chaos” as hundreds of new students try in vain to enroll in their schools as soon as next week.Because Kansas City’s central district lost accreditation earlier this year, state statute allows its students to transfer to suburban classrooms at the expense of their old district, effective Jan. 1.

Despite the court action Friday, suburban officials said those Kansas City students would not be admitted unless they come with thousands of dollars in tuition.

Independence Superintendent Jim Hinson said Judge Brent Powell’s decision “does not change the fact that in order to comply with state law, Kansas City Public Schools must provide tuition and transportation consistent with Independence School District board policy before any student transfers can take place.

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