Jurors hearing closing arguments in DeKalb, Ga., schools racketeering trial

Monday, November 18, 2013

The question put to jurors today is was architect Tony Pope a criminal or a sloppy record keeper? The evidence is in and prosecutors and defenses attorneys are making their closing arguments today to the jurors hearing the racketeering and theft trial against Pope and his ex-wife Pat Reid, the former chief operating officers for DeKalb County Schools.

Charged with manipulating construction contracts to benefit themselves, the one-time couple is facing decades in prison if they are convicted; 65 years for Reid and 30 years for Pope.

The jurors heard briefly from Assistant District Attorney Lawanda Hodges and then Pope’s defense lawyers John Petrey and J. Tom Morgan offered their summations. After a lunch break the jurors will be be back arguments from Reid’s attorney, Tony Axam, and more from prosecutors.

When Reid was hired away from her husband’s firm where she was vice president to fix and oversee DeKalb schools trouble construction program, one of the conditions was that Pope could not get any new contracts with the district, but he could still complete the work he was doing in the first phase of renovations of Columbia High School.

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