K12 hotspots on the web

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

According to a recent survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 91 percent of adult internet users in the United States rely on search engines to find information, and 78 percent get news online. Similarly, among teenagers, where smartphone adoption increased substantially and mobile access to the internet is pervasive, one in four is a “cell-mostly” user who accesses the web through a cell phone. Online resources continue to shape every aspect of our lives, and are enriching, extending, and transforming schools.

But with web pages measured in the billions, the demand for education information has never been greater or more complicated. As a result, most educators favor only a few familiar websites if they are unaware that superior applications exist. District Administration therefore presents this newly-revised and fully-verified guide to our favorite K12 “hotspots,” in categories that include education standards, sources for online projects, research sites, curriculum centers in every content area and related professional materials. The guide also offers specialized online applications of unique value for educators, including genealogy resources, mapping tools, language translators, broadcast media and news organizations. Feel free to share this hotlist with your staff, students, and parents, and add the resources to your district site.