In Kansas, Tech Schools Have Gone Wild

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Not have enough credit hours to teach a subject in high school? Apply to a Kansas tech school and teach the college course.

Yes, some Kansas tech schools have advertised for instructors of general education courses and the minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree with 24 credit hours of coursework in the subject taught. This upside-down rule — permitting a teacher to teach in tech schools who would not have the content background to teach in high school — is a result of a poorly-thought-out action by the Kansas Board of Regents in 2005.

There were plenty of folks asleep at the wheel on that decision: Kansas regents, university administrators and Kansas university faculty. In a bad decision on the minimal credentials needed to teach concurrent enrolment courses in high school, they opened the barn door and let rigor and quality gallop away.

Kansas technical schools are excellent at providing technical education. They have the expertise to offer technical courses across a range of areas from auto mechanics to nursing assistants. But they do not have full-time faculty on deck to offer academic courses.

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