KC (Mo.) Mayor, School Board Leader Vow to Lead Community Efforts on District's Future

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Talk about your shows of unity.

On Monday, Mayor Sly James shouldered up next to the president of the same Kansas City school board that the mayor said he would be willing to unseat to help turn the fortunes of the school district.

The board president, Airick Leonard West, publicly had remained mostly out of touch last week as James sent his proposal of mayoral control to Missouri Education Commissioner Chris Nicastro.

But James and West shared the same message in a joint news conference in the mayor’s office Monday.

All options are on the table regarding the soon-to-be-unaccredited school district except “blowing the district up” or “doing nothing.”

The two will be leading a community effort to find a consensus somewhere in between. West and the school board might be willing to step down — if they see a clear better way. And James just might seek control, but only if that’s what comes of the community process.

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