Kentucky District Wants Project-Based Learning to Outshine Testing

Friday, April 5, 2013


GWEN IFILL: The cheating scandal in Atlanta is prompting questions again about testing and whether public schools are too focused on teaching to the test.

But some places are trying new approaches.

The NewsHour's special correspondent for education, John Merrow, visited another school district in the South to see its model.

JOHN MERROW: Odds are students in Danville, Ky., are attending classes that do not look like the ones you remember. They're learning how to make a guitar, design a presentation, debate an argument, and more.

JADEN MAYES, Student, Danville High School: So, do you guys know what germs are?

JOHN MERROW: Jaden Mayes and her classmates created a project for their science class, using glitter to teach preschoolers how germs spread.

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