Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday Gets A Four-Year Extension of His Contract.Education

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

At its regular meeting in Frankfort on Wednesday, the Kentucky Board of Education unanimously agreed to award Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday a four-year extension of his contract.

“This board’s relationship with Terry is extremely interactive on significant, high-level policy issues, such as the implementation of 2009’s Senate Bill 1, the state’s new assessment and accountability model, teacher and administrator professional growth, and the focus on college and career readiness for all Kentucky students,” said Board Chair David Karem. “This contract extension sends a strong message to all of Kentucky’s education partners that the board wants continuity and stability, and Terry’s willingness to accept an additional four-year term of service shows his deep commitment to this work. The board and the commissioner are on the same page and want the same outcomes for Kentucky’s students.”

"Terry's dedication to what's best for students is unparalleled," said board member Brigitte Blom Ramsey. "He firmly believes that every child can be successful, if we maintain high expectations and provide appropriate supports.

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