Kentucky High School Computer Project Bridges Digital Divide

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How much do you use the internet? If you’re like most people and businesses, you use it every day – to pay bills, find old friends, talk to colleagues, research vacation plans, and more.

For teenagers, the internet is becoming even more of a necessity. It’s a primary place for research, communication and even school work. Textbooks and projects are increasingly going digital, with books, pens and paper quickly becoming tools of the past.

However, the digital divide — the rift between those who do and those who don’t have easy Internet access — is still a very real challenge for students in some school districts. While the vast majority of Kentuckians (more than 90 percent) have access to broadband Internet, for some families even the cost of a computer is out of reach.

In one Northern Kentucky high school, students began a project designed to bridge that digital divide. They’ve come together, helping their classmates get computers and connect to the Internet with an classroom project called Communities to Computers.

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