Khan Academy: Free Education in App Form

Courtney Williams's picture
Thursday, April 5, 2012

Those who own an iPad will likely tell you their tablet goes above and beyond e-mail, video playback and Angry Birds.

It can also be a conduit to higher education, be it access to iTunes U, YouTube EDU and now apps such as Khan Academy.

No, I'm not referring to distance-learning courses that give you degrees and diplomas upon completion, though that's an option, too. But you'd be surprised what's out there for those looking to learn more about a subject from experts in their field around the world.

Similar to the website, the free Khan Academy app for iPad delivers more than 2,700 videos to the viewer, covering a range of topics including math, science and humanities.

Khan Academy also offers test prep lessons for SAT Math (188 videos), GMAT (96 videos), California Standards Test help, and others. Another section, called "Talks and Interviews," features videos on Khan Academy television coverage and profiles of Salman Khan, the founder of the free online education platform.

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