Khan Academy President: K12 Not Focused on 'Unleashing Students' True Potential'

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Improving education is no easy task, but Shantanu Sinah said administrators would be wise to consider one piece of advice: let students move at their own paces.

Sinah, president and chief operating officer of the online learning website Khan Academy, says the traditional classroom model forces students to learn at the same pace – a system that lets some fall behind and holds others back.

“It fundamentally isn’t a model about unleashing each student's true potential,” said Sinah, who’s scheduled to speak Wednesday about education reform at the 2012 West Michigan Policy Forum in Grand Rapids. “It’s modeled around focusing everybody on a minimum set of standards.”

The Khan Academy was created by Salman Khan, a former MIT-educated hedge fund analyst who came up with the idea after he began creating video tutorials to help his niece with her math homework. Today, the academy boasts about delivering millions of lessons to people worldwide.

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