Killing net neutrality kills the dreams of young entrepreneurs

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Let's say a young, Black, male 6th grader made it all the way from his local elementary school on the far west side of Detroit to one of those really awesome science fairs the White House started putting on. He had invented a doodad that helped his elderly grandma in a nursing home down south more easily take 'selfies,' and share them with her family around the country. His school noticed, and the next thing you know, the kid's at the White House showing off this fascinating little invention.

Then, in 8th grade, because he had rock star teachers due in part to the administration's new teacher training standards,, he received stellar grades in algebra and geometry, bolstering his confidence that the tech field might really be for him.

After his 11th grade year, because of the President's My Brother’s Keeper program, this young man received a scholarship to attend a new science and technology summer camp. At the camp he connected with mentors at Facebook and Google, developing invaluable relationships and refining his burgeoning tech skills.

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