La. Public Schools To Be Graded Differently

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Louisiana Department of Education has written some significant revisions into its plan for overhauling the system it uses to judge the quality of public schools in Louisiana.

The most visible change will be a decision to drop plus and minus signs from the letter grades -- A, B, C and so on -- that the department assigns schools based on test scores and other factors.

But the department has also tweaked proposed changes to the way it calculates those grades for both primary and high schools. State Superintendent John White outlined the revisions during an interview last week.

White described an initial, less detailed plan for changing the grading system earlier this month, framing the changes as a way to simplify a convoluted system, align the state's education standards with new federal standards and reward schools that make progress with the hardest-to-serve students.

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