L.A. Schools Fight $117 Million Spending Cut

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Los Angeles Unified School District challenged Gov. Jerry Brown's $117 million cuts for school buses, claiming the state is forcing it to "choose between two illegal and unconstitutional outcomes"- ending transportation for students or diverting money from classrooms to make up the shortfall.

"LAUSD seeks to prevent respondents from implementing LAUSD's share of midyear 'trigger' budget cuts that would take an estimated $117 million over the next two fiscal years in funding from the district's budget for Home to School Transportation, including $38 million from the current year's budget beginning on January 1, 2012," according to the Superior Court complaint.

The latest budget cut comes after more than $1.5 billion was slashed from the district's budget.

The district says it already has made "numerous hard sacrifices," laying off 10,000 teachers, eliminating summer school for most students, shortening the school year, and negotiating unpaid furlough days for thousands of employees.

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