La. Senate Committee Passes Ed Reform Bill and Voucher Program

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Despite multiple teacher protests at the Capitol, Gov. Bobby Jindal's education reform bills continue to move through the Louisiana Legislature.

Governor Jindal's Education Reform package cleared another hurdle Thursday. The Senate Education Committee unanimously approved the Governor's proposed teacher tenure bill HB 974.

The bill cleared Senate Education without objection from any of the seven members. The bill tinkers with the local superintendents and principals, as well as school boards. It dumps seniority and makes school teacher job security directly related to student achievement. The debate was spirited.

"I'm desperate...I'm voting for this package," said Senator Jack Donahue, Republican from Mandeville on the Senate Education Committee. "I can't wait to get it out of here, get it to the floor of the Senate, get it passed, get it in the state and when it doesn't work, let's work together and try and fix it where it doesn't work. But I just don't see the status quo."

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