Lake Superior (Minn.) District Seeks to Continue 4-day School Week

Lauren Williams's picture
Thursday, February 21, 2013

The four-day school week has settled in as something of an institution in the Lake Superior school district on the North Shore. But the structure isn’t guaranteed — the district is reapplying to the Minnesota Department of Education to maintain its four-day week structure, saying it helps reduce operating costs and stabilize its budget.

Initial approval was granted for just three years. To continue a four-day week, the district — which includes Two Harbors and Silver Bay schools — must prove that the four-day week did not negatively affect students and that it saved a sufficient amount of money.

“With the reapplication, we’re going to look at … how has the four-day week been in the district? We’re looking for them to document whether or not it has been working,” said Keith Hovis, deputy communications director at Minnesota Department of Education, the agency that reviews the applications.

Funding issues are nothing new for the district. As early as 2001, the district was making tough decisions to balance the budget.

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