Lakeville Minn. Schools Using State Funding to Help Technology Push

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Friday, January 13, 2012

The Lakeville Area (Minn.) Public School District is currently in the process of implementing the "iLearn 194 Technology Initiative," a project that will increase and improve learning through technology in Lakeville's schools.

“This generation is very digital,” said Superintendent Dr. Lisa Snyder. “That’s the world we live in now.”

Over the next 18 months, classrooms and teachers who have received district grants will pioneer the tools and resources included in iLearn 194. An estimated 50 classrooms across the district will be among the first to test Lakeville’s new approach to technology.

Snyder said the district has $2.1 million in funding for the 2012-2014 Early Implementers Program. A large portion of this revenue comes from the $1.1 million in one time Basic Skills Funding, which Lakeville schools received from the state of Minnesota. The district was given these funds by the state legislature as the result of a special legislative session. The funds are only to be used for the 2012-13 school year.

“You always want to use one-time money to fund something that’s going to last” said Snyder.

Much of the remaining funding comes from district budgets and resources that have been repurposed and reallocated. According to a presentation posted on the district website, $85,000 was repurposed from the resource budget and $29,000 was repurposed from the equipment budget. $20,000 was allocated from special education funding.

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