Lansing Schools Need Heroic Effort

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

School districts surrounding Lansing are doing a brisk business in transfer requests for the coming year, a point worth noting for everyone with a stake in the Lansing School District.

A recent LSJ report accounted for nearly 600 Schools of Choice slots available for the coming school year in districts adjacent to Lansing, yet the district has projected an enrollment decline of 215 students for the coming year, bringing it down to 12,758 from about 13,000.

Also worth noting is that one year’s openings aren’t necessarily the total enrollment of choice students. Holt, for example, reported 1,057 choice students last year, or 18 percent of its total enrollment. And officials said 81 percent of those came in from the Lansing district. If that percentage were to hold true of this fall’s spots in all neighboring districts, that would reflect some 480 students leaving Lansing and they would take some $3.3 million in state aid dollars with them.

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