Laying Siege to New Jersey's Public School System

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The demise of public schools, it’s suggested, will make way for the Golden Age of Charter Schools, the self-styled wave of the future, the Promised Land and long-awaited Deliverer of American education.

It is alleged that this sinister plot cynically awakens the false hopes of the poor, who will send their children to these schools for a quality education, whereas all they’ll be getting is a bogus substitute, shoddy goods, with no state oversight or transparency, no accountability, with results no more substantial than smoke-and-mirror tricks by the circus conjuror, aka the director of each such charter.

It is further alleged that this gradual takeover of American education is the spawn of the far right, angling for a large chunk of the American tax dollar, billions diverted from cash-strapped public schools and funneled to the right’s ideological cronies, who will administer these charters as part of the right’s even grander scheme of privatizing public services, and the more grandiose design of unraveling the social contract established by FDR during the New Deal era, now under radical assault.

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