Leading Charter Schools Nationwide Adopt 'i-Ready'

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Many of the nation's leading charter schools have chosen Curriculum Associates' i-Ready™ Diagnostic & Instruction to be a key element of their blended learning and student growth initiatives. Harlem Children's Zone, New Classrooms, Rocketship Education, and Uncommon Schools Boston, as well as KIPP Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York all use i-Ready.

"i-Ready is a sophisticated program and we're really impressed with its reporting capabilities," saidAylon Samouha, Chief Schools Officer at Rocketship Education. "This, combined with Curriculum Associates' relentless attention to customer service made the choice easy for us. We hope they will continue to help us navigate the process of finding excellent products and services to help our teachers and students focus on the important business of teaching and learning."

Built for the Common Core, i-Ready helps students make real gains. It combines a valid and reliable measure and personalized instruction in a single online product that saves teachers time at a fraction of the cost of similar products.

In addition to being widely adopted by charter schools, i-Ready is one of a few select student growth measures for K–8 Reading and Mathematics that has been approved at the state level in New York and Ohio, in part because it is highly correlated with curricular objectives, and it has the ability to measure the growth of both low- and high-achieving students.

"i-Ready allows us to quickly and accurately diagnose student needs and gives us tools to start to intervene and remediate immediately," said Dana Lehman, Managing Director of Uncommon Schools Boston. "Having a valid assessment we can use to hold ourselves accountable for all students' progress while also providing immediate whole group, small group, and individualized instruction for students who are behind, on grade level, and above grade level is proving to be a game-changer."

The adaptive diagnostic pinpoints student needs down to the sub-skill level and generates a combination of online instruction and downloadable teacher-led lessons that are unique to each student's diagnostic result. These individualized learning plans are easy to understand and implement. i-Ready also features real-time progress monitoring reports at the class, grade, school, and district levels, enabling educators to identify and address individual and group needs in a simple, streamlined way. For schools implementing blended learning programs, i-Ready also guides teachers to specific lessons in Curriculum Associates' print materials, such as the all-new Ready™ Common Core program for Reading and Mathematics, grades 3-8.

"In addition to having created a great product in i-Ready, the folks at Curriculum Associates are a pleasure to work with—and that is rare," said Jack Chorowsky, Chief Operating Officer of KIPP NYC. "While i-Ready is very intuitive and user-friendly, the Curriculum Associates team is always ready to train, support, answer questions, and give us everything we need to make our teachers' jobs easier. They have also been extremely responsive to feedback—they really listen." 

Schools all over the country are seeing results with i-Ready. Nearly 200,000 students used i-Ready in its first year (2011–12), and more than 500,000 students have been using i-Ready since the start of the 2012–13 school year.

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