Leading digital school enters third year textbook free

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Schools across the country are throwing away their textbooks and going digital. But you haven’t seen a digital school like South Kent, a recognized national leader for technology in the classroom.

Now in its third year of with exclusively digital classrooms, South Kent School has turned the tables on traditional education models.

“Other schools can say they are, but South Kent is truly preparing our students to fully utilize technology to their advantage now and in the future,” said Head of School Andrew Vadnais. “Technology and digital books are just tools. Our education model is about the context and how to properly use them.”

South Kent students aren’t just placed in a classroom with iPads instead of textbooks. The entire school culture has changed and evolved to incorporate the technology, so familiar to students, in their everyday lives -- even outside the classroom.

After a pilot program, South Kent School garnered national attention after it went 92% digital in 2011. Every student and faculty member started off that year with an iPad.

“It’s more than just digital textbooks. Within a few seconds, students can shoot a video, edit it, and upload it from their tablet,” said one South Kent teacher. “Instead of just writing about their experiences, they can show and describe something and turn in a multimedia report including videos, photos and sound.”

Teachers use the technology to enhance lessons and engage the students in their own comfort zone. Homework is done in their tablets and they e-mail in their homework eliminating paper waste.

The school is now entering its third year as a national digital technology leader.

For more information, visit South Kent School's website (www.southkentschool.org) or contact Chief Information Officer Gonzo Garcia at garciag@southkentschool.org (860) 927-3539 x254 or (860) 309-0457 (cell phone).