Leading Edge Certification announces 4th certification program launch

Friday, February 28, 2014

Leading Edge Certification (LEC),a national provider of certification programs in education technology, today announced that Professional Learning Leader, its fourth certification program, will be available in mid-2014. With a focus on those who provide professional development to educators across all curricular areas, Leading Edge Certification for the Professional Learning Leader will officially launch at ISTE 2014.

Leading Edge Certification for the Professional Learning Leader is being developed under the leadership of the Certification Chair, Eileen C. Walters, who also serves as the Instructional Technology Specialist at Contra Costa County Office of Education.

"We are especially excited about the scope of Professional Learning Leader Certification,” said Walters. “The intersection of lifelong learning, adult learning theory and embedding technology in curriculum – hallmarks of LEC’s Professional Learning Leader Certification – have the potential to provide a lasting impact on teaching, learning and student achievement.”

LEC’s Professional Learning Leader will be comprised of multiple modules – ranging from Professional Learning Environments, Developing Community, and Digital Literacy and Citizenship – and will be a 6-8 week course that is delivered through a combination of face-to-face and online trainings. Professional Learning Leader Certification will be offered by both Leading Edge Core and Stakeholder Alliance members.

Mark Hammons, Lead Curriculum Designer with Fresno County Office of Education, is serving as the Lead Curriculum Designer for the Certification. Both Contra Costa County Office of Education (Core Member) and Fresno County Office of Education (Supporter Member) are Alliance members of the Leading Edge Certification for the Professional Learning Leader Certification. To find out more about Leading Edge Certification, or to inquire about becoming an Alliance member of Leading Edge Certification for the Professional Learning Leader, visit www.leadingedgecertification.org.

About Leading Edge Certification

Leading Edge Certification (LEC) is a national certification program in educational technology and curriculum innovation. Created by an Alliance of nonprofits, universities and educational agencies, LEC is the first national certification program of its kind, and is platform and vendor neutral. LEC for the Online and Blended Teacher, LEC for the Administrator and LEC for the Digital Educator are currently available. Visitwww.leadingedgecertification.org to find out more.