Leaving a Generation Behind in Failing Schools Is Wrong

Monday, March 18, 2013

The status quo in some Michigan's schools is failing our students and costing far too many young people a legitimate shot at success. Something has to be done to rescue these kids and give them a lifeline out of our failing schools, and the Education Achievement Authority is doing just that in its pilot year in Detroit.

A previous guest commentary called the EAA's efforts misguided and naïve, but I think leaving another generation of kids behind in these failing schools in order to please special interests is much worse.

We've all heard the facts that came to light once Michigan's worst schools had to open their doors -- single-digit proficiency rates in reading and math, and 38,000 pounds of trash crammed around desks and in the halls. These are the conditions far too many of Michigan's children face every day, and now there is an organized effort to lock them in for years to come.

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