Let Kentucky's Failing Schools Become Charter Schools

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The recently completed Kentucky General Assembly session was a relatively bipartisan and productive one. But partisanship and special interest politics prevented passage of some good bills. Senate Bill 176 was one.

Arne Duncan, the U. S. Secretary of Education says, "When a school continues to perform in the bottom five percent of the state and isn't showing signs of progress or has graduation rates below 60 percent over a number of years, something dramatic needs to be done."

SB 176 would have done something dramatic to improve Kentucky's persistently low-achieving schools, or "PLAs." The bill, co-sponsored by Republican Senators Mike Wilson of Bowling Green and Dan Seum of Louisville, would have let local school boards, parents, or certified staff and teachers initiate a process to transform PLAs into charter schools.

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