Let's rethink school fundraisers

Monday, August 11, 2014

In recent weeks, two things have become apparent: Some people oppose the new federal restrictions that are limiting the amount of fatty foods that students can sell to each other during the school day to raise money for an assortment of good causes. Also obvious is that given a forum, many parents, relatives and neighbors will tell you they are tired of being pressured to buy all sorts of overpriced items from students raising money for school-related causes.

Last month the federal restrictions took effect that force schools to get serious about keeping students healthy by creating more opportunities for them to eat food that is good for them and fewer opportunities for them to eat junk. The rules in place this school year will help ensure children eat food that is better for them while at school. vThe Smart Snacks in School Initiative is the official name for the rules that are part of the law championed by first lady Michelle Obama in her effort to get children eating better, exercising more and living healthier lives. The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act was passed in 2010. In a few weeks, students will be greeted by the standards governing what are called "competitive foods" — meaning all the chips, soda and candy bars sold in vending machines as well as the cupcakes, cookies and pizza sold for all sorts of fundraisers at school during the year.

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