L.I. Education Guru Hit by Gov. Cuomo Defends her Income

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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Long Island education consultant singled out by Gov. Cuomo for raking in millions from the state insisted she’s done nothing wrong — and defended her money-making business.

Although she’s frustrated about being mentioned in the governor’s state budget address last week, Ellen Cooper — who makes $3.2 million-a-year, according to state officials — said she will follow any changes Cuomo suggests.

“I’m not mad at the governor,” Cooper told the Daily News, days after she was thrust into the center of the statewide controversy.

However, Cooper insisted that she’s not making any extra dough at the taxpayers’ expense.

“I adhere to all the rules and regulations of a for-profit provider,” said Cooper, who lives in a tony stretch of Syosset. “I don’t like being targeted like that when most of the companies ran the same way.

“I do a good job (and) I work hard,” she insisted, “but that’s what happens.”

Cooper — who claimed the $3.2 million figure was more than she actually brought home — unwittingly became the centerpiece of Cuomo’s push to reign in executive salaries at taxpayer-funded organizations.


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