Link Between School Climate and Violence Confirmed

Friday, April 26, 2013

Schools may be a step closer towards the development of effective strategies to prevent violent behaviour. New research from the University of Luxembourg shows that there is a direct link between school climate and school violence.

School violence is a very important social issue worldwide. It poses a significant threat to the health, achievement, and well-being of students. Although the most highly publicised incidents involve serious physical violence, less serious forms of physical aggression and psychological violence (including harassment, bullying, and relational aggression) present far more prevalent and persistent problems.

During the last twenty years there has been extensive research on identifying risk factors of school violence. Especially the concept of school climate has received increased attention. Most importantly, the social climate in class and in school is assumed to have a significant effect on the prevalence of violence in schools. But, the lack of clear definitions and empirically validated measures of school climate has resulted in a multitude of findings that are often difficult to interpret.

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