Local school districts keeping tabs on 'digital divide'

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

For nearly two years, Comcast has offered a program it calls Internet Essentials, which features Internet access for $9.95 (plus tax) for families who have at least one child who qualifies for the National School Lunch Program, as well as the opportunity to obtain training about digital literacy either in person, online or in print, as well as other aspects of technology that seem commonplace to some but isn’t for all. Those who would like to know more can read about the program at www.internetessentials.com.

"I hate to use the word ‘essential,’ but it is important," said Ponto. "It’s important to bridge the digital divide. We’re working with the school districts and would like to do more, because we think it’s something that has to be done for people."

Ponto said the Comcast is planning a large push for the program in Indiana in the next few months, likely starting with an event in Indianapolis, but was not at liberty to divulge details yet.

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