Local School Officials in Pa. Doubt Voucher Plan

Friday, October 14, 2011

There are too many unexamined details and too many unanswered questions for the state to move forward quickly with Gov. Tom Corbett's public education reform proposal, a top Hazleton Area administrator said.

Acting Hazleton Area District Superintendent Francis X. Antonelli questions whether the plan is ethical and equitable in its method of determining which students would qualify for school vouchers. Antonelli also doubts fiscal accountability safeguards governing charter schools.

"There are questions that need to be answered," Antonelli said. "I think if the Legislature is going to proceed, we need to proceed with caution."

Corbett on Tuesday outlined plans for public education reforms that include school choice vouchers called "opportunity scholarships," expanded Educational Improvement Tax credits, charter school quality and accountability standards, and comprehensive teacher evaluations.

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