Lottery Raises Record $323M for Tenn. Education Programs

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tennessee lottery officials announced that the lottery has raised more than $323 million this year for state education programs, the eighth consecutive record-setting year.

The figure is a 10.2 percent increase — or roughly $30 million — over last year’s then-record of $293.4 million, officials said.

Data from the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation, which oversees lottery-funded programs, show more than 600,000 scholarships have been awarded to in-state education institutions since the lottery’s inception in 2004.

Total education funding since then stands at more than $2 billion.

“Across the corporation we’ve focused on our mission to serve Tennessee students and their families by maximizing proceeds for the education programs funded by the lottery,” said Rebecca Hargrove, president and CEO of the lottery.

A Republican-backed proposal that failed during the recent Tennessee General Assembly sought to cut students’ lottery scholarships in half, depending on lottery revenues.

The legislation looked as though it might pass after being approved in the Senate 20-10. But the measure was withdrawn from consideration in the House Finance Subcommittee when the sponsor recognized he didn’t have the vote to pass it.

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