A Louisiana high school is closing. What to say to its students?: Jarvis DeBerry

Monday, January 27, 2014

Dear students of John McDonogh High School: It is with heavy hearts that we, the residents of New Orleans, write you this letter informing you that we find it impossible to educate you.

We're giving up on our stated goal of preparing you for a future that requires your literacy, your facility with numbers and critical thinking skills. You have our regrets.

We don't know if your English teachers have taught you about irony - a situation that's considered strange or funny because it's the opposite of what's expected - but it certainly is ironic that the organization that has been running your school is called "Future Is Now." You kids are so far behind.

When we say you're behind, of course we mean that you're behind your peers across the country. That goes without saying.

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