Marlee Matlin and MEDL Mobile Team Up to Create Educational American Sign Language App

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Monday, October 15, 2012

MEDL Mobile, Inc. (OTCBB:MEDL) -- a pioneer in the creation, development, marketing and monetization of mobile apps -- and Marlee Matlin, Academy Award(C)-winning actress, announce the release of "Marlee Signs," an educational app to learn to express yourself in American Sign Language. 

It launched worldwide and is available in the Apple App Store. 

"Marlee Signs" teaches the user the fundamentals of American Sign Language -- from signed alphabet and basic vocabulary to common expressions in everyday life. Unlike other options on the App Store which use static images, this app features high quality videos which show Marlee Matlin demonstrating the lessons. The app even allows the user to watch any video in slow motion for greater detail. 

"Working with Marlee Matlin has been a lot of fun! She was hysterical to work with on the set," said Dave Swartz, MEDL Co-founder and CCO. "We believe that Marlee's breakthrough appeal will help introduce ASL to a broad new audience through the iPhone and iPad." 

Through the "Spell" feature users can get the spelling of any word in ASL by typing in a word and watching Marlee sign it back to them. Users can also learn at their own pace by breaking down the lessons into individual videos. 

"I wanted to create a simple, visual presentation of American Sign Language vocabulary that's the next best thing to taking a class," Marlee stated. "It's a great starting point for learning ASL the way it should - visually, in full motion, and not just static images on a page. It's not a substitute for taking a sign language class but I think it's the next best thing!" 

The basic app comes with the spelling feature as well as one free lesson pack in the app store. There are five additional lessons, which are sold for $3.99 per pack. 

You can download the app by using the following link: 

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