Maryland Gets Grant to Help Teach Climate Change

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Teachers in Maryland are about to get new help and encouragement to talk about the touchy topic of global warming in their classrooms.

The National Science Foundation announced Wednesday that it is awarding $5.8 million for improving climate-change education in Maryland and Delaware through a partnership including universities and school systems from both states.

The two-state initiative is one of six such education projects the foundation is funding across the country and in the nation's Pacific island territories.

"At this point in our existence it's really important people understand about climate, why it's changing and what our options are," said Donald Boesch, president of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science and one of the leaders of the Maryland-Delaware partnership.

The effort aims to bring together scientists, teachers and those who train teachers to develop new lessons and instructional materials for conveying the complex — and, to some at least, controversial — issue of how and why the Earth's climate is changing.

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