Mass. foundation partners with district on tech integration

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Even though she was “upstaged by two six-graders” (Lasandra Hernandez and Will Bicks from the McCall Middle School who spoke earlier in the evening), Winchester Foundation for Educational Excellence (WFEE) Executive Director Caren Connelly still brought exciting news to the School Committee. WFEE has agreed to partner with the Winchester Public Schools to fund a new approach to teaching and learning in all classrooms. The campaign, powerED Up, Transforming Classrooms, is designed to ensure the seamless integration of technology into each school.

“Winchester is at a transformational crossroads,” according to Connelly. “At some of our schools and in some classrooms, students and their teachers are approaching each lesson in a new way. They are collaborating, accessing resources on line and using a variety of devices that make teaching and learning more effective. Yet at other schools access to the internet is spotty, slow and unreliable. Students and teachers struggle with old computers or an inadequate number of devices for the classroom. The Board of Trustees of WFEE believes the community can help change that picture.”

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