Mass. House Moves to Allow School Bake Sales

Friday, May 11, 2012

Following a controversial state ban on bake sales in schools, the Massachusetts House of Representatives passed a budget amendment Wednesday that would allow individual cities and towns to decide whether they wish to prevent the sale of sweets during the school day.

The state Department of Public Health regulations set to take effect on Aug. 1 would prevent the sale of several foods and drinks, including cupcakes, cookies, and brownies in schools within 30 minutes of the start and end of classes.

But state Representative Brad Hill, Republican of Ipswich, sponsored a budget rider that passed the House Wednesday and would give individual school districts the choice to follow or ignore those regulations. The measure will go to the Senate on Thursday, Hill said.

“The amendment is saying that instead of the Department of Public Health telling a school when they can have and not have a bake sale during school hours, that the school district itself can decide,’’ Hill said Wednesday night.

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