Massachusetts school district boosts student engagement rates by 400 percent

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Lingo Jingo, the online learning and teaching platform, was selected by the Scituate school district in June 2013 to replace a summer program intended to reinforce Spanish and French language skills for more than 700 middle and high school students. Student engagement, participation and retention rates soared with the use of Lingo Jingo over the traditional summer program. Teachers reclaimed 520 hours of productivity otherwise lost creating and grading physical materials.

"The most frustrating thing about the traditional summer program was that kids did not try. They didn't have the resources they needed, they weren't invested and they weren't engaged", said Kate Ciulla, Scituate HS World Language Dept. Chair. "Teachers were spending hours grading papers that were often times half complete and some students didn't complete the work at all. It was a complete loss of students' time and teachers' time".

Lingo Jingo summer program summary

  • Scituate High School and Gates Middle School adopted Lingo Jingo to replace their summer curriculum for learning languages
  • Lingo-Jingo includes French online and Spanish online
  • 13 world language teachers representing 704 students participated in the program
  • Custom content based on Holt, Bien Dit (French) and McDougall Littell, ¬°Avancemos! (Spanish)
  • 531 students, or 75%, completed their assigned course work
  • 356 students, or 67%, attempted lessons multiple times in order to improve their grades
  • A custom scoring rubric was applied to meet Scituate's grading standards
  • Teachers saved 40 hours each, 520 hours total in preparation and grading time equating to $26,000 in district savings Lingo Jingo's visual-based approach improves retention rates

"Language learning programs like Rosetta Stone impose their own curriculum. However, through feedback from the teacher community itself, we know students learn best when teachers have control of the curriculum and content to engage them", said Christian Hasker, co-founder of Lingo Jingo, "Lingo Jingo is an online teaching and learning platform empowers teachers to reinforce what students are learning in the classroom. Teachers can view student analytics to track progress, see where students are struggling, and view how much time they are spending, which overcomes the deficiencies of standardized testing. This frees up time teacher time traditionally lost to marking and administering tests, so they can dedicate more time to actually teaching."

Lingo Jingo is based in Boston, MA. Lingo Jingo is an online learning and teaching platform, which allows teachers to provide an engaging way for students to practice and reinforce what they are learning in the classroom. It offers a powerful analytics dashboard for teachers to view individual student and class performance, and to track progress and skills retention. Online lesson access for students and teachers is available from any web enabled device. Content is available to users for free and pricing for classroom management and analytics starts at $2 per student per month. Teachers interested in learning more about Lingo Jingo can sign up here: