's New '4 Dice' Math App Introduces a Fun Way for Children to Learn Fractions on an iPhone or iPad

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fractions are a learning sore spot for many students. Learning them thoroughly is important for math proficiency from upper-elementary school all the way through college.

To that end, a iPad/iPhone app that turns fractions into a fun, engaging experience would be helpful to parents and teachers that want to see progress in their students' math education. 4 Dice: Fraction Games is such an application.

About 4 Dice: Fraction Games

4 Dice uses a "start at the end" approach to help students construct fraction equations. Using an archery-themed target number, the user is given four dice to drag into spaces in the numerator and denominator of two fractions. The type of equation (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) is determined by the student. When the player is satisfied with the equation they created, an arrow is "shot" at the target to see if it "hits." The program then displays the math steps for performing the equation, such as finding common denominators, and the result.

When a student feels up for a real challenge, "Challenge Mode" requires the player to select the math symbol used in the equation in addition to the placement of numbers in the formula.

The application also supports multiple users. If one student needs to focus on subtracting fractions, while another is working on multiplying fractions, each student's progress can be separately maintained. The Scores section, accessed from the main screen, tallies each user's "hit and miss" percentage.

A whiteboard feature provides simulated scratch paper to enable the learner to work through the problems. Progress reports are sent to the email address, providing an opportunity to record improvement. Free printable worksheets are available for teachers to present learning to a classroom of students.

This game creates a fun environment to learn or refresh fraction skills. The intuitive interface makes jumping in to play a breeze, and the instructions contain tips if you forget how to perform the math. The gameplay forces the student to slow down and look at the steps required to attain the correct answer, rather than simply racing to find the answer. This method prepares a learner for what they will encounter as they continue to use fractions throughout their academic process.

Detailed at, "4 Dice: Fraction Games" is the second math app in a series produced by Justin Holladay, a middle school teacher who believes that learning is more effective when it is fun. Math games, be it a file folder game or even an iPhone/iPad app, is an exceptional way to engage students.

When a potentially difficult subject, like fractions, can be made into a game, children (and adults) are more likely to invest themselves into learning the material. Whether adding fractions is new, or a refresher on dividing fractions is needed, 4 Dice: Fraction Games effectively makes solving fraction problems fun and challenging.

4 Dice: Fraction Games is an app that lets students solve mathematical problems involving fractions in a fun and engaging way. Targeting upper elementary and middle school students, the app is available for iPad/iPhone devices.

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