Mega Millions Record Jackpot Run Equals $9.3 Million for Education in Tennessee

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Monday, April 2, 2012

For the Volunteer State, the incredible Mega Millions jackpot run that ended Friday night resulted in more than 291,000 winning tickets sold in the state, including two who won $250,000 in Monteagle and Ardmore.

Additionally, there was an amazing amount of fun around offices, coffee shops and elsewhere, with the most important news of approximately $9.3 million generated for education during this jackpot cycle alone.

“It’s been exciting, it’s been crazy…and the true winners tonight in Tennessee are the students and families who will benefit from the more than $9 million that has been raised from this Mega Millions jackpot cycle alone,” said Rebecca Hargrove, president and CEO of the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation.

Sales in Tennessee for the Mega Millions jackpot run, which began on Jan. 27, were approximately $22.8 million, from which an estimated $9.3 million will be given to the scholarship and grant programs funded by Tennessee Lottery ticket sales.

Three tickets, sold in Maryland, Kansas and Illinois, matched all six numbers drawn. The record jackpot of $640 million will be split three ways, with each winner receiving $213.3 million.

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