Mich. May Urge Schools to Rethink Zero-Tolerance Rules for Students

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Long concerned by what they say is an alarming rate of suspensions and expulsions in Michigan schools, members of the state Board of Education are set to act today on a resolution that would call on schools to rethink their zero-tolerance policies.

If approved by the eight-member board, schools would be urged to "adopt discipline policies without mandated suspension or expulsion for issues that do not involve weapons."

Students who bring guns to school, get into physical altercations or sexually assault other students or staff, by law, must be suspended or expelled. And state officials say that shouldn't change.

What they want to address are students who are being booted out of school for nonviolent offenses, like being chronically disobedient or being insubordinate, then falling behind and sometimes dropping out.

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