Michigan District Begins Pay-to-Participate Program for Athletes

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Steve Skelcy hopes for the best, because he knows how close the Saginaw Public Schools came to the worst.

Skelcy is the coach for the Arthur Hill and Saginaw High boys and girls swim teams, programs that were about to get cut. Instead, Saginaw Public Schools will institute a pay-to-participate system, charging middle school and high school athletes a yearly fee to play sports.

"I don't really know the impact it will have ... I'm not sure anybody does," Skelcy said. "I have a lot of athletes who play two or three sports, so it may even add to my numbers because it's by year, not by sport. If a student is paying one fee for the whole year, they may want to participate in an extra sport since they're paying for it anyway."

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