Michigan school students transferring following departure of superintendent

Monday, January 27, 2014

Parents of students at Bay City Academy, a charter school with three locations on the city's East Side, say they are upset and perplexed following the unexpected departure this week of the school's principal and superintendent.

Some parents have gone so far as to remove their children from the school, while others would like a meeting with school officials, including Steven J. Ingersoll, who runs the school, to discuss why Ryan Schrock no longer is with the school.

Ingersoll, a Bay City optometrist and entrepreneur, and president of Smart Schools Inc., the management company that operates Bay City Academy, says he has no such plans and thinks the entire matter eventually will blow over.

“It’s in our best interest to focus on the school and not be distracted by a burgeoning controversy,” said Ingersoll. “This thing just needs to pass. We had a little personnel change — it’s not a huge deal.”

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