Michigan schools chief proposes consolidating services to save districts money

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Michigan’s schools chief on Monday proposed countywide consolidation of business and educational support services for local school districts in an effort to save millions of dollars that could be redirected to classrooms.

Superintendent of Public Instruction Mike Flanagan outlined a hybrid proposal for countywide school operations to be run by existing intermediate school districts in a report to the chairmen of the House and Senate K-12 education appropriations committees.

Lawmakers on the education appropriations committees asked Flanagan for a proposal on countywide school districts last month after he said it could be a way to bring stability to smaller school districts in the wake of a two-week closure of Buena Vista schools in Saginaw County after the 400-student district ran out of money.

Flanagan proposed mandatory centralized school food service, transportation, curriculum development, technology, accounting, teacher training and evaluation systems, and academic data collection and reporting.

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