Mississippi School Will Receive New Technology

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An act of kindness will mean new technology for Smithville School.

A check for $150,000 was awarded to the school and it's part of a much larger donation given to Smithville Church of Christ. 

"Had our school not come back, our community would have been lost. We felt this is the best way to use the money that was entrusted to our congregation. The money never belonged to us, and we we're just a vehicle to get this money to where it was needed," said Monroe County resident Bill Steverson.

The money will go toward new equipment and a number of enhancements for the new school's Technology Center.

"We're going to totally rework all three of these labs," stated Principal Chad O'Brian. "Our ICT Lab and Stem Lab and with Common Core coming in the park assessments that will start in two years. All assessments are going to be computer based. So, to have this kind of technology we're just really ahead of the game at this point."

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